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Today is Thanksgiving. I remembered I wrote an article last year about Thanksgiving and Mental Wellness. Today I would like to share more with you in this Blog about my view.

This year, a lot of families may not have turkey on their Thanksgiving menu as the price for turkey had increased by 15%, potatoes increased by 22%, bread increased by 13%, frozen corn increased by 6%, bacon increased by 2%, cranberries increased by 12%, and butter increased by 13%. Statistics Canada reported on September that inflation is up nearly 11% across all retail food items. The report from a survey which interviewed 1,244 Canadians on September 30, said that people living in British Columbia (29%) and Alberta (25%) are the most likely to change their Thanksgiving menus this year.

Besides food, gas price has been skyrocketing and expert mentioned that it may rise to $2.50 per litre for regular gasoline this year in British Columbia. The inflation rate in Canada in 2022 has increased 3.6% when compared with the inflation rate in 2021 (August 2022 was 7% and average rate in 2021 was 3.4%), and the increase in prices will not get lower before the end of 2022.

What happened in the world worried a lot of people. The Russian invasion of Ukraine, the war in the middle east, the post-pandemic financial burden, the inhumanity treatment to women in Iran and some other countries, the flooding in Pakistan, and many natural disasters happened around the world can easily draw people to the darker side, to depression, to anxiety. Sometimes, it can be hard to give thanks!

With my personal challenges and what is happening in the world, I am thankful to have a day called ‘THANKSGIVING’. It helps remind myself to look back at things I am grateful for, and not solely focus on unhappy events. It helps me to think and recall, whether big or small, good deeds that others had done for me. It helps me to look at the positive side which most of us would ignore or discount. It helps me to halt during my busy schedule to count my blessings that I was provided, and it helps me to see things through a lens of gratitude and focus on the graciousness that I have received.

THANKSGIVING helps me calm and ground myself. It gives me HOPE, which we all need to live on. HOPE gives me strengths and it is the foundation to my happiness. HOPE gives me motivation and it is the foundation to my motion. HOPE gives me loves and it is the foundation to my humanity.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a few comic pictures from one of my friends, who is talented in arts. I am grateful to have known him, and I am thankful that he allows me to post his pictures.

If you are interested in his work, please feel free to click HERE.

No matter where you are, what you are doing, how your life is going on, I wish you all well!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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